SMEs and Covid-19. The aftermath:


  • Rintaugu Gatobu Meru University of Science and Technology



Covid-19, businesses, SMEs, results, Aftermath


The Corona-Virus (Covid-19) has had ruthless ramifications on all businesses (Small and Large) since its emergence in 2019/2020. It has devastated jobs and businesses across the globe. SMEs have had the worst experiences caused by this crisis, such as loss of revenue owing to disruptions in organizational structures, supply chains and huge losses as a result. This paper looks at how SMEs have engaged during the period of Covid-19 and the period thereafter. The study is conducted in the context of Kenyan SMEs using a sample of 500 SMEs from both manufacturing and services sectors.

The results indicate that SMEs are now more aware of its effects and relevance to their performance, survival and growth, hence the need for them to focus on innovative ways of cultivating sustainability, way beyond the pandemic. 




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