Advisory Board

The AJSTSS Advisory Board provides guidance to the editorial team on:

  • New topics for commissions and special editions
  • Advising on the journal's direction
  • Offering feedback on past issues
  • Making suggestions for the subject matter and potential authors
  • Endorsing the journal to authors and readers
  • Encouraging colleagues to submit their best work

Our Advisory Board Members hold important responsibilities:

  • Policy, management, and development
  • Contributions maintain the journal's integrity
  • Cordially requested to work effectively for journal uniformity

Roles of AJSTSS Advisory Board Members:

  • Express views on articles' alignment with journal scope and publication criteria
  • Provide guidance for improving the journal's aim and scope
  • Offer opinions on the journal's direction and performance
  • Give subject-specific support
  • Explore novel ideas for "Special Issues"
  • Advise on topics, overall scope, and focus of the journal
  • Contribute actively to journal development
  • Promote the journal widely
  • Assist with the strategic development plan for the next journal volume
  • Provide advice on journal policy, content, and creating awareness
  • Advisory Board Members' contributions are valuable to the journal

Members of the Advisory Board