Dynamic deep stateful firewall packet analysis model


  • Eunice Kailanya Meru University of Science & Technology
  • Mary Mwadulo Meru University of Science and Technology
  • Amos Omamo Meru University of Science and Technology




stateful firewall packet analysis


Due to challenges of COVID -19 pandemic, network is widely used and more network
threats are evolving, therefore, there is a need to improve network tools in order to
control threats. Stateful firewall is a network tool that build up packet filters by keeping
record of packet passing through the network in a state table, so that when a new
packet arrives, the stateful firewall filtering mechanism first checks to determine whether
the information is similar to the one in state table, in order to allow or blocked a packet.
Although several stateful firewall models have been developed to filter network packets,
there is no model that is able to filter the entire parts of a network packet which include
the header, trailer and payloads. In the stateful firewall models developed, mixed
research methodology have been used. The models are developed in python
programming language; an experimental research design is used, string matching and
pattern matching algorithms are used in developing the models.




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Kailanya, E., Mwadulo, M., & Omamo, A. (2022). Dynamic deep stateful firewall packet analysis model. African Journal of Science, Technology and Social Sciences, 1(2), 116–123. https://doi.org/10.58506/ajstss.v1i2.20



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