From the Editor-in-Chief


With a new year comes not only new beginnings but also fresh initiatives and expectations, and so it seems appropriate to include in this first issue a brief letter to announce our inaugural publications on the MUST journal AJSTSS. Our mandate remains: to publish articles “devoted to Science, Technology and the Social sciences.” As Editor-in-Chief, I welcome manuscripts on any subject within that broad definition, especially articles that announce discoveries, present new information, or break new theoretical ground, as well as those that address methodological issues, or illuminate in novel ways issues within our scope.

Under the heading of new initiatives, we are pleased to announce that, beginning with this first issue, we have introduced an online manuscript submission and peer-review system. Authors can now, if they wish after a call for abstracts or full papers, submit manuscripts via our website on No special expertise or computer software is required, and authors and reviewers will have the same degree of anonymity that they will enjoy. We use an entirely online system. This process will make it much easier for the editorial staff to monitor the progress of all submitted manuscripts and will be an important step toward an efficient and timely digital workflow for the Journal.

We have been busy in the AJSTSS editorial offices during the past few months. In the coming week from the 26th of September 2022, we will publish the conference proceedings from the MUSTIC2022 and by end of October 2022 will publish the first issue of the full papers submitted. We are operating an open journal system and hence our circulation and read will be quite vast. Currently we will be publishing one issue yearly but with an exception of special editions. We will have an AJSTSS-update, a communication medium through our email that will quickly and efficiently disseminate important information to our subscribers. These administrative and editorial initiatives are meant to improve the management of the Journal, to strengthen its editorial perspective (by reinvigorating its role within the discipline as a whole and by including new material in its pages), and to expand its readership. Let me close, however, by saying that I believe that the stature of the AJSTSS resides not in such innovations but in the quality of the material that will be published. No initiative will ever be a substitute for presenting the very best articles and reviews. That will always be our primary mission, and it will not change.


Prof. Eric Muchiri, Ph. D.

Editor-in-Chief, AJSTSS